Talk To a Doctor/Specialist online in Kenya

Are you seeking a doctor or specialist in Kenya? My pocket doctor has the best specialists in Nairobi, Kenya. You can schedule an appointment with our specialists online and consult from the comfort of your home or office. Our nurses are online 24/7/365, and are taking calls from all over Kenya. Use this link … Read more

Telemedicine Use in Kenya

Telemedicine in Kenya is consultation and management of health issues via phone/video calls. Clients in Kenya register for the services with their email and phone number for account verification. Once verified, a patient consults by logging in to their accounts when they need to/want to access the services. How does telemedicine consultation work in Kenya? … Read more


In the past years the burden of health in Kenya has been from communicable diseases which were mostly affecting the under five children. This is a battle we are yet to win in eradicating some of these communicable and non-communicable diseases as we look forward to achieving the millennium development goals vision 2030. In the … Read more

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