MyPocketDoctor is one of the best telemedicine app in Kenya

MyPocketDoctor is a telemedicine solution aimed at providing professional virtual consultation at a patient’s convenience, with easy access to qualified doctors and nurses 24/7/365. You can also use our platform to consult a mental health expert or dentist. Founded in 2006 in Denmark, the company has experienced tremendous growth, and now operates in Europe, Africa and Asia. Talk to one of our health care professionals now.

Our Vision

To become the pioneering and global leader in providing remote telemedicine services by constantly driving down the cost of healthcare thru the application of advanced mobile phone and web-based telehealth solutions and EMR systems

Our Mission

To provide quality, fast and affordable telemedicine services to patients 24/7/365 with consistently high service level and utmost customer satisfaction 


Frequent Asked Questions

Click the REGISTER BUTTON and provide a working email address, mobile number, and insurance membership.

Click TALK TO A MEDICAL DOCTOR, choose your membership (HMO/Insurance) or make a payment, enter your details for your consultation and wait for the nurse’s call.

Yes, we accept health insurance and you may use them upon cosultation.

 – Paypal
 – Credit/Debit Card
 – Bank Transfer 

 – FREE for HMO and Insurance members
 – KES 990 for General and Dental consultations
 – KES 1980 for Psychological counseling

 – General Practitioners
 – Specialists
 – Dentist

– Ob-Gynecologist
– Dermatologist
– Ophthalmologist
– Pediatrician

We have a Registered Psychologist for Psych counseling only.

 – General, non-emergency cases
 – Dental consultations (no procedures)
 – Psychological counseling

We are online 24/7/365

If the consultation was not completed, you may request a refund by sending an email to [email protected]. Turnaround time is 48-72 hours.

We are an online consultation facility. We don’t have a physical clinic.

No. A physical assessment is warranted before a fit-to-work certificate or clearance is provided.

No. A physical assessment is warranted to be provided with a laboratory request for RT-PCR.

No. A physical assessment is warranted before any extension of rest day is granted to the patient.

Yes, but issuance is based on doctor’s discretion upon assessment, and employer regulation

 – Yes, but ONLY for bedridden, immunocompromised, and senior citizens, and we can only provide at least 1 month’s worth of medication.
 – No, for Psychiatric, restricted drugs or medications needing S2 prescriptions (anxiolytics, antidepressants, etc.)

No. A physical assessment is warranted to have the forms signed.

Mads Kjær Larsen

Founder and CEO

Khethi Nkosi


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